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Jean Louise Jirik MC, NCC publishes new book and websiteAuthor Jean-Louise Jirik

Heliotrope Studos and Fresh Apple Design announce the launch of their latest project, Silver Linings Online. It's an eBook and online discussion group designed for those who need emotional rescue from financial trouble. The book, also titled "Silver Linings" is a self-help program written to provide help to people in financial crisis. The tagline "being broke doesn't have to break your spirit" sums up my positive approach to this very timely subject.

People of all walks of life are losing their jobs, their savings and often their homes. Depression is a natural result that has to be dealt with, especially for people who've never seen a therapist. Jean-Louise created this eBook and online program to help those who maybe can't afford or are afraid of traditional therapy.

The Silver Linings Online program, which sells for $29.95 consists of a downloadable book written in plain language with exercises and relaxation techniques and an online discussion group. The discussion group is really what makes this program unique. Members can interact with others in the same situations, ask questions and receive advice from therapist moderators. SL eBookWhen purchasing the book, three month access to the discussion group is free with the option to renew for another three months for free. Additional renewals are available for a small fee.

JL became a therapist in Tucson Arizona and had her own private practice before an accident brought her to the brink of financial ruin. A lot of JL's personal experience, growth and recovery has gone into this program.

With the cost of a therapist well over $75 per hour, $30 seems like a small price to pay for a little peace of mind. Please visit the Silver Linings project web site, SilverLiningsOnline or email JL for more information.

Also, please pass this web address along to any of your friends that might find themselves in financial trouble. We offer emotional, not financial advice and believe enthusiastically in this project.